About Us

We Are Urban Legends (W.A.U.L) was founded in 2013 by Andre Tulloch. The organization was established to offer the public a platform for promoting business ventures, social events, educational and professional opportunities. We Are Urban Legends purpose is to present information to the public in a new innovative manner, which will make information more accessible to those in need. With our plethora of writers and researchers, W.A.U.L offers a revamped product for all cultures.

Our proactive approach helps to develop a sturdy foundation that can be utilized by young philanthropist, entrepreneurs, entertainers, event promoter, and prospective business owners. Our mission is to dismantle narcissistic individuality and competition (crabs in a barrel mentality) and establish a Davos culture built on understanding, acceptance of diversity, encouragement, cohesiveness and camaraderie.

We emphasize that as the organization furthers our goal to eliminate individuality. We will continue to encourage betterment by highlighting success, promoting tangibility of advancement, encourage intellectual conversations and evoke greatness. Let us be your voice – your outlet. We are Urban Legends


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