Best Apps Entrepreneurs Boost Productivity 2017

Are you an Entrepreneur looking to boost your productivity? Do you have trouble with time management? Do you wish you had more than 24 hours to manage several projects and get things done on time? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there with time management issues. With too many responsibilities hanging over your head, you need to get organized and what better way to do that than use 2017’s best apps to boost your productivity?

Read on to know all about latest 2017 apps entrepreneurs can use to handle multiple projects side by side.


Imagine having your virtual ‘chief of staff’ handle everything for you, on the go. Accompany is a must-have app for you for it does all the prep work prior to your big meetings. It sends you a detailed brief via email with all the information you need to succeed in any situation. This great new app operates by synchronizing with your Gmail or Microsoft email accounts, Facebook, Twitter and mobile calendar.


Don’t have time to read important articles and blogs? Worry not, Pocket has got your back. This easy-to-use ‘save for later’ app lets you file away useful articles and videos for viewing at a later time. When you come across a blog or a video you want to save, you simply put it in your Pocket. The best part yet, you don’t need internet to access your files later and you can sync them on your laptop, smartphone or iPad instantly.


With over four million active users, Slack has become the most popular B2B communication app that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your teams on one platform. What began as a now-defunct online game is now the fastest growing collaboration app used by entrepreneurs and project managers worldwide. Download Slack on your phone, laptop or tab and stay connected with your team wherever you go.


This app is a great credit card processing tool for freelancers and entrepreneurs with an international client base. With Square, you can accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover for a low markup. Simply sign up to receive a Magstripe reader free of cost. The latest reader is now equipped to read chip cards as well.

Apart from the primary credit card processing function, Square also comes with a wide variety of options you can use to manage different areas of your business.


Who knew prioritizing your personal and professional tasks on a daily basis could be so easy? Trello is an all-new project management app that lets you organize your projects into boards, cards and lists on a priority basis and allows you to check who’s working on a particular task and the overall progress of the project. You can also use Trello to manage personal travel plans, weddings, events, family chores and work assignments.

Try these new apps to save time and organize your work life with just a few clicks. Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know what you think!