Strong Teamwork Environment

In the words of the world famous basketball player Michael Jordan, ‘Talent wins games, but talent and intelligence win championships.’ Just like a great basketball team requires an unbreakable bond among the players, so does a management team for steering a company towards success.

The success of a high performing team is attributed to a high performing team that works day and night to bring it to the forefront. But how do you build such a team in your firm?

With just a few steps in the right direction, creating a highly motivated team is actually quite possible.

Build On Your Core Ideas

Your team will not have a sense of direction without having a clear mission and vision statement of the company in mind. Focusing on the mission, vision and core values of the firm is not only important for employee alignment and buy-ins but it also plays a pivotal role in empowering your work staff.

For instance, if one of your company’s core values is ‘guaranteed delivery of products, on time’, an employee at any level will be able to make the right decision based on this question ‘will my decision ensure timely delivery of the products?’

Develop Sound Leadership Abilities

Not all leaders are born with it; some build and improve upon their skills. The ability to inspire your subordinate is one of the key traits of a charismatic leader. You must motivate and encourage your team to take charge and work in the best interests of the firm. Offer to train your employees and empower them to make the right decisions at the job.

Value Your Team Members

Sometimes we cannot gauge the effort and hard work employees put into meeting targets and deadlines. Understand that each member in your team brings a unique skill set to the table that brings your business a step closer to achieving success and so, value them and show them you appreciate their work. Valuing your team isn’t always about offering monetary benefits; sometimes a simple pat on the back or ‘Good job!’ can do the trick.

Communicate & Stay Connected

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to communicate with your team members at all times and ensuring that everyone is kept in the loop. Don’t keep things from your team members and keep a level of transparency so no one feels left out. Consistency in communication helps your teammates to share and create a more productive workflow.

New applications like Slack and Trello also make things easier as you can create new tasks for everyone and keep a check on the progress of the work done so far. Remember, communication is a two-way street so you should encourage your subordinates to give their input and participate in the making plans and strategies as much as possible.

With these tips in mind, you too, can promote teamwork and build a close-knit team that will actually bring you results! Tell us what you think by leaving comments below.