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Change your entire life in just one minute!

As impossible as it might seem but one minute a day workout really does exist. Is it nearly impossible for you to take time out for extensively long work out sessions? Rid yourself of all your issues by simply working out one minute each day.


Research has revealed the importance of non-exercise activity thermogenesis abbreviated as NEAT. The term encompasses all activities that help us in burning calories such as walking, hugging, cooking or sitting.


The idea is to try to fit in as many of these one minute workouts in your daily routine as possible. Your goal should be to accommodate multiple exercises in the short period of sixty seconds in order to cover as many body parts as you can.

This will enable you to eventually carry out a full body workout in a single minute without any wastage of time.

  1. Power push-up plank
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Walking Lunges
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Bicycles


Dance is yet another form of exercise that helps you burn calories without you even realizing it. You can dance for one minute and that can have your heart pumping real good as well. Free your mind and body of all the tensions for one full minute and dance your heart out.

Commit to your health and spare a single minute for your body. After all the hard work and stress you go through, this is the least you can do for yourself. Fortunately this is enough to keep you active and healthy.