When our eyes are on the prize, tunnel vision can cause us to miss many of life’s finer details.  We often forget how to see and feel delicious daily experiences when we’re chasing down our dreams.  Yes, the pursuit requires laser beam focus, but we owe it to ourselves to remain affected by the lovely subtleties coloring our days.

Sure, we’re still present for the huge moments – a tearful wedding day toast, amorous declarations at holiday gatherings, and the sentimental milestone achievements of children – but in the grand scheme of things, how frequently do these big deals occur? Not very.

It’s up to us to celebrate the perks of everyday living. The small stuff. Here is a list of our favorite small delights we hope you remember to savor:

  • When the water is the perfect temperature of hot as soon as you step into the shower.

Ah, could this be life?

  • When the kind soul scratching your back hits the money spot!

Yes, right there!

  • Crawling into bed, discovering the sheets are crispy clean and smell like heaven.

You know I love you deeply beautiful bed of mine? Don’t you?

  • Spine tingling fun of looking over your shoulder and catching that gorgeous stranger who just walked by doing the exact same thing.

Hey there. Hey.

  • Realizing your meter is expired, but there’s no sign of a ticket on your windshield.


  • Seeing a police officer’s lights come on behind you and realizing they only wanted you to move out of the way as they drive past you.

About me never speeding again Lord.

  • Having just enough for one more serving of anything until you can get more from the store.

Self? I promise that we will do some shopping today. Promise.

  • Finally making it to a restroom after a torturous hold.

Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

Have some examples of simple joys yourself? Feel free to share in the comments section.