Happiness Bliss Happier

Each person is on their own personalized pursuit of happiness. Despite your career choices or your personal life paths, what you’re truly looking for is, indeed, happiness.

Inner bliss is the ultimate goal that will provide you a constant source of deep content with yourself and everything that surrounds you.

This is YOUR time and you deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. All you need to do is hold on to your desire of happiness and motivation.

Let’s Put a Smile on That Face

As bizarre as it may sound smiling actually makes you a happier person. It works more as a trigger to activate the “happy” feelings. The brain senses the muscle movement and attempts to recreate the feelings experienced when similar muscles had been used. Basically this is your way of tricking your brain in to creating happiness for you.

Believe it or not, it actually works. Don’t hold yourself back. Smile when it is needed and try smiling at all times.

Magnetize Your Surrounding – Socialize

“Man is a social animal”- is true in all aspects. We require interaction with other people. This is probably why solitary confinement is a punishment.

Don’t overdo it

Remember not to exhaust yourself with a lot of socializing. Surely you receive that spike of happiness when you experience a nice conversation with someone new but there is definitely a chance of experiencing exhaustion if you go overboard with it.


Reading is actually a way of socializing. It provides a similar stimulation as well.

Meaningful conversations

Try not to hide yourself behind superficial conversations all the time. Be yourself without any shame or fear.

Make time for your loved ones

What better way to utilize your time than by spending it with your loved ones?

All Hail Exercise! Your Key to Happiness

Exercise appears to be a miracle cure for almost everything that we face in life from depression to weight problems and Parkinson’s disease.

It basically impacts are entire being. A healthy body is what you require for a happy life. Your body requires being in a certain state before it can truly experience happiness and that state can be achieved through exercise.

Whether it is sleep deprivation or depression, you can overcome such barriers with exercise which ultimately leads to a happier you.

Happy Chemicals

Dopamine is a chemical that serves a significant role in generating happy emotions and exercise is undoubtedly the best way to increase the dopamine production in your brain.

Stress Reduction

Exercise actually reduces stress of both mental and physical nature.

Boost up your confidence

Feeling bad about your body and appearance is the easiest way to experience low self esteem. Exercise is the only way you are able to transform your body in to exactly what you want. It will not only improve your appearance but also your inner strength.

Ease Anxiety

Science has managed to prove the direct impact exercise has on anxiety levels in any individual. Research has shown that exercise serves as immediate boost in your mood and results in a long term relief from anxiety.

Fight Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Try a more natural remedy instead of sleeping pills. Regular exercise has been proven to improve sleeping issues of people with different sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

Healthy Food to a Happier You

Did you ever think your pursuit of happiness can be so simple and delicious at the same time? Use your efforts to consume happiness, literally.

Recent research has managed to prove that changing your food habits can lead to stabilization of your mood and improvement of your concentration power.

Hit the Sack! Get more sleep to improve your mood

A sleep deprived individual is cranky and irritable almost all the time. People seem to complain more about your attitude and your overall productivity is compromised. Situations as such lead to a less satisfied individual.

You are required to achieve at least eight hours of sleep at night. It is highly important that you focus on the word “night” here. You simply cannot make up for your night sleep by sleeping during the day.

Live and Let Live

Despite the way people around you might expect you to think or react towards a certain group of people in your community; you must learn to accept people as they are.

Don’t Judge

You are fully aware of your emotional baggage. There is no need to judge others for having theirs. Do not judge people based on their sexual preferences or career choices.

Realize that people are different and entitled to their own choices and preferences in life.

Letting Go and Second Chances

Let go of all that you have wrongly experienced in past. Give people the opportunity to correct them. Don’t beat yourself up for what you have done in the past either. Make amends. Believe in second chances for yourself as well.

Remember that no matter what life throws at you; you have all the right tools you need to face anything and everything. Keep in mind that the harshest of times will pass.