“Cause ain’t no hope for the youth, well ain’t that the truth. When all your role models either rappin’ or they hoop, damn…” – J. Cole

I had an epiphany one day that changed my thoughts about society. A realization that our communities needed more leaders and positive influences. I developed a passion to help this generation of  young people that couldn’t fathom their potential and do not have the knowledge or resources to pursue their passions and reach extraordinary heights. We Are Urban Legends has been created to help inspire and educate young adults on various aspects of everyday life. We Are Urban Legends is also a platform for our purpose of highlighting young entrepreneurs, young business people, young philanthropists, and young leaders in communities worldwide. We live in a system where everyone is for themselves and never looks back to help others coming up behind. We are a generation that boasts and flaunts their success in the face of those that aren’t as fortunate, rather than embracing and/or teaching others how to also become successful. It’s time to create a self sufficient system that not only supports itself, but helps others learn how to support themselves. Our mission is to not promote narcissistic individuality and competition (crabs in a barrel mentality), but to establish a “Davos culture” built on understanding, acceptance, cohesiveness, and comradery.


The insurgence of young leaders has begun. Finally, hope for the youth.